Daily Technical Analysis : 2017/09/26


BCC looks a little strong. We should see 50x type level on it. On the break of that, will be watching for 535.

Could be a great long on break of that.

BTC is still in that range between 3600-4100.
Need a breakout on either side.
We saw a good volume yesterday. Which is a good thing.
Draghi’s statement made more people comfortable and we saw $1Bn spike in volume.
I’d like to see more volume coming from Europe now

Highest volume on Kraken was against Euro which suggests that Europeans are probably feeling more comfortable now.

We need Europe, Japan, Korea and other places to compensate for the liquidity that was coming from China.

Saw a spike in volume coming from Europe on GDAX too.

Saw a few people talking about Bitshares. Bitshares looks good technically.

I see them running some ads in places. Could see a pump. But trade within your own risk and don’t go all in.

Clams Coin is one that’s holding up strong in this downtrend.
Dash doesn’t look that great.
DASHBTC should touch 0.083/0.080
DOGE coin is one that may see a spike in volume and a pump.
But it is highly manipulative and so you have to be super cautious about trading it.You can try to ride the hype with money that you’re comfortable losing. ( 0.5-2% of your portfolio)

ETC is holding up 9.94 on a daily chart. Which is also fibo 0.618 retracement of the move from march to the ATH. Not that great volume spike as compared to other coins though.
ETH is holding up stronger than BTC as forecasted last week with ETHBTC moving up from 0.068 to 0.075
Ether facing a strong resistance with a lot of pending sell orders at 300. Need to break that and make a flag.
Closely observing FCT.
Looking for some spike in volume to jump on the train.

Don’t like IOTA atm.

Could see some more correction. But I believe almost everyone would be aware by now about how manipulative iota is.

Their tech is great, just that prices are very manipulative by a few big hands.

Gotta Love Lisk. It barely went down when all other cryptos were heading down. Diminishing volumes though.

Could shoot up if volume picks up. Closely watching that one and have setup alarms to jump on it when we see the signs of volume picking up

LTC, still in the same range between 45-55. Need breakout on either side.

NEO is not able to close above 26.4 on 4H chart. 26.4 is also 200MA on 4H chart.

Was planning to jump on the NEO train if it had closed above that.

I’m going to wait for some time now.

Volume pattern on NEO. I dont like it. Every time, there is buying, it is being followed by a dump.
Omg is correcting.

Sia Coin looks like turning up.

Heard from a friend who works at sia that the management team lost access to one of the accounts where they had stored their SiaCoins.

If true, it basically means that number of outstanding tokens have reduced by them losing access to one big account.

Low liquidity affects XRP’s solution big time.

Feel it’s grossly overvalued with this low liquidity

That’s it for the cryptos.
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Rohan Rathod has a trading experience of over 5 years, trading in Forex, Equities. He has 2 years work experience trading in cryptocurrencies. Rohan has managed a hedgefund before. Rohan does technical analysis paired with behavioral finance and fundamental analysis.