Energie AG: Bitcoins are accepted from Monday


LINZ. Until the electricity calculation with the cryptography Bitcoin can pay, it will still last. But Energie AG will be able to pay with Bitcoin from Monday, with the product “Containerservice24” of Energie-AG subsidiary UmweltService GmbH.

“We are starting small, but we want to gradually roll out the payment with Bitcoin,” says Energie-AG’s Chief Financial Officer Andreas Kolar in conversation with the OA news. Paying with cryptos – there is not only Bitcoin – is a development in which Energie AG would like to be involved from the very beginning. Kolar is convinced that these currencies will quickly gain in importance.

Paying with these virtual currencies is part of the digital strategy of Energie AG. The product “Containerservice24” is a completely digital one. Therefore it was obvious to extend this product by this payment function.

When it could be so close to the 500,000 electricity customers that they can settle their accounts with Bitcoin or another crypt diet, Kolar does not dare to predict. “Regulations and regulations also play a role here. There is still a lot to be clarified,” says Kolar. (HN)

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