Trading volume of Cryptocurrencies soon to take over Apple


We all are aware about the price spurt in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, etc. It has been increasing rapidly and furiously. Due to this, Traders and Investors are getting massively involved in such cryptocurrencies to take some of the benefits from this financial boom.

One of the market analyst, Founder and CEO of Exante data- Jens Nordvig has made following comment regarding it:

"Cryptocurrency trading volume is now more than of $3 bln/day on average, and will likely soon surpass that of the world's most liquid stock: Apple ($4 bln/day).”

In his latest interview on CNBC, he said that the increase in the trading volume of cryptocurrencies is so rapid that it will soon takeover the highest trading volume on today's date i.e. Apple. The latest trading volume of Apple is $4 Billion per day whereas cryptocurrencies are at the trading volume of $3 Billion per day.


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