Majority of China Based ICO have Compensated their Investors


After recent regulatory changes China have banned ICO and it have affected almost all China based ICO which are running and those which were preparing for launch. This suggests that shutdown of china based local trading platform and ICO is not just a hype and government is quite serious about this.

Out of 17 china based local bitcoin trading platform, 4 have already suspended their operation while few of them are now starting new international trading platform with the same name to serve international traders only.

There is some rumor about complete ban on use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in Chinese territory but there is still no any official announcement regarding this, so this remain as rumor. However complete ban on cryptocurrency sound quite impossible but China is known for banning facebook like social media to develop their own version of facebook. So, they might also come up with their own version of bitcoin/crypto in near future after banning use of bitcoin/crypto completely.