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Do you have ever get some reward from the seller, from where you buy the things of your need and even more when you let your friend to visit the same shop to purchase the same brand? Don’t you think that you have acted as a marketing agent of the brand you are using? Don’t you expect some reward for acting as a marketing agent of their brand? Oh, certainly yes! And yes, this is now being possible through the concept of MOBILE BRIDGE MOMENTUM PLATFORM based on the block chain and cryptocurrencies.

CEO, kees de vas and his team is introducing the world first block chain and crypto token based marketing automation platform and the momentum token which allows the companies to use this token or launch their own tokens to more accurately engage and reward their customers in the exchange for their attention, time, loyalty, brand advocacy and data insights.

This new platform powered by momentum token is a revolution for both consumer and marketers.

Mobile bridge momentum

Today mobile phone is a number one device to access information on internet and so does for accessing information regarding the brand information and consumer market and that moment when the consumer picks up their mobile phone has become the new battle ground for the modern marketer. The mobile bridge momentum platforms let marketing teams define and create personalized, mobile centric user experience. Similarly, with the mobile bridge momentum platform, consumers can now earn crypto tokens by investing their time, attention and goodwill to promote the companies they like and without the complex method of mining or investing money for such tokens.

Ultimately, this platform will bring consumer two things they don’t get today: relevant marketing and share in the value they bring to a brand or retailer.

This mobile bridge momentum platform combines marketing automation with a token based incentive and reward system. It transforms the way companies do marketing.


Mobile Bridge Momentum Token

This is a utility token which will be used as a

-Reward and loyalty token

-A ‘gateway’ token for branded rewards and loyalty token

-A crypto- currency

The momentum platforms offer companies endless way and flexibility in which their consumers can be rewarded with the momentum tokens.

Similarly, this token is an ERC-20 compliant crypto token based on ethereum.

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