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could be ultimate debit card solution for all crypto enthusiasts who love to invest and spend with cryptocurrency. is currently running ICO which will end on 18th June . During this crowdfunding you can invest with ETH and MCO tokens which are Ethereum based tokens which you will be able to trade after ICO ends. have already announced that they will list MCO just after the end of crowdfunding on June 18th. This tokens will allow you to own part of the company, there will be  fee on each and every transactions within the platform those fee will be send to MCO Asset contract. So over time value per MCO will keep increasing also investors can burn their MCO tokens and get ETH directly from contract or they can simply exchange their tokens through any exchange platforms where MCO will be listed after ICO.

Therefore, investing in tokens would be profitable in both short and long terms. On the other hand, users of app and card will enjoy lots of benefits which most of other cryptocurrency debit card can’t provide. One of the painful issue with those cards is the different rates they have when you want to exchange your Ethereum or Bitcoin into fiat. However with monaco you can save upto 10% because of perfect interbank exchange rate they use when you like to exchange or spend your ETH or BTC through their platform or card.

You can use Monaco card in almost anywhere in the world where VISA card will be accepted. Like normal VISA card you might have, you can easily block or unblock your associated card if you want through their mobile app. You don’t have to do any paperwork to get verified because they have a very short customer unboarding system within app to meet all KYC requirement.

Price per MCO tokens will be different in different stages and early investors will enjoy upto 50% discount. On time of this writing,  you can get 130 MCO tokens per ETH. You can buy these tokens from here 

Cumulative number of ETH committed MCO per ETH rate
1-10,000 150
10,001-30,000 140
30,001-50,000 130
50,001-75,000 120
75,001-100,000 110
100,001-150,000 100
(possible 7 days period) 100

Maximum fund they will be collecting is 1,50,o00 ETH and if that capped is reached 17.6 million MCO tokens will be created.

Minimum funding goal was just 5,000 ETH however Monaco have already collected almost 10 times of that minimum cap so this ICO can be considered as Pure success.

You can also refer your friends to this ICO to get exclusive 5% referral commission that will be distributed just after the ICO.

Funds collected during crowdfunding will be used for marketing, development, licensing fee and working capital to ensure constant growth of userbase and MCO valuation over time. Monaco’s revenue will come from fees charged to merchants by VISA (interchange fee) which will be around 1.2% but these can varies with scenario and type of uses. Monaco team have promised to come up with another revenue stream within next 12-18 months  and partnership with innovative fintech companies who are involved in the field of investing, savings, credit & loans and insurance might boost the use of Monaco app/card which mean more profit for investors. It is predicted that valuation of Monaco platform will increase 200 times over the period of 5 years of operation, which sound really interesting.

Team behind Monaco contains lots of talented persons who have experience in field of finance to engineering so there will be constant development on platform after crowdfunding.

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