Docademic – Healthcare concepts in crypto world through AI and Block chain


In the recent days, world is being indulged in the creation of various concepts through the use of Artificial intelligence and the block chain technologies in the word of cryptocurrencies. Now the Docademic team have started the use of same system in providing basic health care with quality and to the mass population. The docademic team is focusing for providing free basic health care since 2016 with the help of AI and block chain system. The globalization of their concept has been increasing as the docademic app (for providing free human –AI assisted video telemedicine service) is already in use in 20 countries. This app is built on top docademic existing, patient data routine and AI assisted technologies soon to be block chain enabled. All patient information will be secured on block chain and represents a prefect on –ramp to health care services on block chain. Similarly, docademic for doctor’s social network will offer ongoing medical education, patient referrals, tools for doctors everyday practice and reporting. The combination of docademic app and docademic for doctor’s social network will derive high end services related to health care such as automated AI-driven treatment & diagnosis suggestion for doctors in institution of private practice, preventive campaign etc. So, there is high possibility that docademic will become a complete health care eco system for the world wide patient/doctor population with digital access with the most widely used service reaching peaks of over 7,000 patients served in a month. The docademic platform is 100% legal and regulate in USA and other 20 countries across the world.

As of September 2016, Docademic’s are the first global healthcare technology company in the world to have launched a free video telemedicine service currently active with verified users in 20 countries. Yes, Docademic has Doctors on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week serving the public in these countries. The DOCADEMIC APP and DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS platforms are the most advanced in the world.

Basic understanding about .

The app solves two important problems:

  • Accessibility silos, which are pockets of the health care provider such as hospital and clinic.
  • Underserved market, are markets that, in isolation are not wealthy enough to support the cost of traditional medical services.

Similarly, this app is integration of two diagnostic services i.e. internal AI diagnosis and External aggregated medical doctor diagnosis.

The Docademic app are the three technologies that are already used by docademic daily. And these three technologies are:

User matching engine(UME) uses for matching the patient.

Cross diagnosis human-AI engine(CDHAIE) which allows for quick, effective and clear diagnosis of patients.

Smart Patient Routine(SPR) which support for the quick referrals either local or immediate neighboring region.

Basic understanding about for doctors

Besides patient, doctors are also the part of this system. Doctors are provided with the tools to receive on going medical education, reduce error in diagnosis and increase Return on investment by lowering cost. Users i.e. doctors are now able to share their experience, receive patient, learn from the latest clinical producers and use tools. Through the use of docademic platform the users will gain the following benefits:

-Reduction of counterparty risk

Increase in Efficiency

More accurate diagnosis for their patient.

Similarly, this will support direct market access i.e. it allows its users to leverage docademic smart routine technology (for referring) and connectivity to all reputable medication and medical device providers and get market access. Again, this helps in data management too.

Block chain refer to shared record of past transactions in a cryptocurrency network. Docademic platform provides the block chain technology too. All the patient date will be saved in the block chain. We can understand the concept of block chain concept in health care sector through the following diagram.


The next is too know that what enable all above discussed system is the universal native token i.e. . MTC will power all the services provided by the docademic concept. Medical token currency is the form of cryptocurrency i.e. similar to bit coin and the only difference is, it is used only for health care services. When the ICO is launched, the MTC will be available for 0.001 ETH. Proceeds from the ICO will be used for expansion of services, product development operation and legal/regulations.


MTC has three main functions:

-Crypto token purchasers i.e. user can pay for product and services on all the docademic platform.

-Currency that interacts with the block chain docademic stores patients and health care data.

-In the open market crypto token will be tradable

The token will be utilized for accessing various services provided by docademic platform.



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