OmiseGo (OMG) might remain unaffected by China’s ICO Ban


Through a post in reddit Omisego team have reassured all their investors and users that recent ban on ICO in china might not affect OMG like many have expected.

The OMG network is currency-agnostic and the open-source, white-label digital wallet framework we provide will allow financial service companies to select what services they provide their end-users, in compliance with the regulations they must follow

Many investors and users have taken this update as positive news and they are willing to pile up some more OMG in their bag.

Few of comments in this reddit post ;

  • Redditor koocer : Good news and great time to stock up on more OMG 🙂
  • Benkeele : This is why I’m strong in OMG. We believe
  •  soar-x  : great communication, this makes me proud as an investor

This have also made some positive impact on OMG price and at the time of writing Omisego is trading at around 0.00271300 BTC or $11.42 in Bittrex.