Urbit to re-build its infrastructure based on ethereum tech


Urbit, one of the extremely inspired network of cloud server which has made their intension clear about rebuilding its infrastructure based on ethereum tech.

It is a network of personal cloud computers that, according to its founders, aims to create a means through which individuals can run their own servers without having to go through the trouble of running complicated server infrastructure. It is planning to install a blockchain as a part of its infrastructure which they have never done before. However, the test version of Urbit, which has been online for about a year, will now be upgraded to use ethereum’s smart contracts.

The company made a recent post on their blog, which says:

“We’ll instantiate a land registry for Urbit address space; an ERC20 “spark” token which is burned to create a generic star; and a voting system for self-governance. We’ll also create template contracts which galaxies can use to auction stars, and stars to distribute planets.”

They also said that they will create its own web browser forked from ethereum’s code and all payments will now occur on the blockchain. Urbit is also expected to launch an ethereum based token sale of its galaxy soon.