Have a mining rig? Crack wallet with 100 BTC for 15 BTC.


Many people used to have bitcoin wallet installed in their computer back in 2010 and might have bought or mined few 100 bitcoin as a hobby. Many of them made a proper backup of their wallet and might have became millionaire already holding those coins but majority of the early adopters have lost their access to their old bitcoin wallet or atleast forgot their wallet password by now.

Recently a user who go by name u/eleganciex has recently posted an offer to give 15% or 15 BTC as reward to the one who can successfully cracked password of his bitcoin wallet with 100 BTC in it. According to him/her, he created that wallet back in 2010 and set password using some password generator in 2013. According to him, there are altogether 16 wallets with 100 BTC total in them, to crack password which includes upper case, lower case and wants someone with powerful GPU/GPU rings to help him crack passwords for his wallets.

Quickly after his post, theartlav posted a calculation including possible cost to crack one password with varied length of the symbols and also pointed out, miners can make more money than trying to crack those wallets for 15 BTC.

" Ok, looked around and done some math. TL;DR: Odds are bad.
On a single 6-GPU mining rig you can crack a 6 symbol password of given description in about 4 days. 7 symbols in about a year, 8 symbols in a 100 years.
One such rig costs about $500 in power to run for a year. So, to be done in a year with 7 symbols you'd have to invest $500 runtime cost, with 8 symbols - $50k, with 9 symbols - $5 million.
Most password generators don't even have an option for a password shorter than 8 symbols, so $50k is about the lower margin of how much this would cost in just electricity.
At 0.9375 BTC per password, you aren't likely to break even on the deal unless you already have a 600 GPU mining farm and Bitcoin goes parabolic in the near future. Otherwise, you'd make more money just mining.

In second comment, s1lverbox also suspected that OP (opening poster) might have gained access to few bitcoin wallets in old HDD and just want someone to help him get into them.

What you think, please comment below. Read on reddit here https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/e4esm0/15_btc_bounty_for_people_who_have_powerful/


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