News Bitcoinmix Expands Service To Cater for Ethereum Users

Bitcoinmix Expands Service To Cater for Ethereum Users


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Bitcoinmix Expands Service to Cater for Ethereum Users

Bitcoinmix has been at the forefront of improving the usability of Bitcoin, especially with regards to the privacy. The organization is one of the top mixers for Bitcoin and has recently improved on its service features by incorporating ether blending service.

With this new feature, the users of the cryptocurrency would now send, receive and store it without being bothered about the limitations placed on the users due to the openness of the blockchain.

It is common knowledge that most of the most prominent cryptocurrencies cannot be used privately. In fact there is a thriving blockchain analysis sub industry which has built analytical tools that could examine and track blockchain transactions.

This means that users of cryptocurrencies may have their privacy invaded unnecessarily by curious users and prying eyes. Since no one really wants everyone to know how much they are worth in the financial world, there is no doubt that everyone desires a measure of privacy.

This is why has been in the business of providing mixing service for its clients who are mostly individuals and businesses who would want to use cryptocurrencijustes such as Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum(ETH) anonymously.

Even though the company started its service 4 years ago, it is among the first reputable blending services that has incorporated ether mixing with that of Bitcoin, thereby giving its clients greater option in the use of ether.

To blend a coin such as Bitcoin using the services of the company, the client sends the coins that they want to mix to the mixer. These coins are mixed while the service sends equivalent volume of the coins sent for mixing to the address provided by the client. The service fee for the blending is deducted before the mixed coins are sent to the address provided by the customer.  

The coins received are completely dissociated from any known wallet and transaction history wiped. So there is no possibility of tracking the coin history.

This service is especially important these days with the ever increasing threat of hacking and stealing of digital currencies by malicious players.

It is therefore important that all holders of substantial volumes of coins take advantage of the services such as provided by

The company prides itself as the most reputable service in the industry, not just because it has been around and served its customers well for the past 4 years. The reviews are there to speak for it.

Also, the reason why every prospective mixer of bitcoins and ether should consider using a site that has built an online credibility is that the possibility of losing their digital currencies if they used an unknown service is real.

Bitcoinmix has served its clients well. The company plans to continue in its quest by adding more innovative features which may enable users blend even more coins in the future aside bitcoins and ethereum.


Above article is sponsored post and all the contents are provided by the advertiser. Our team haven't tried the service ourselves before posting this here.

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