EMEcrypt.com a scam?


A quite not heard name in cryptospace EMEcrypt has emerged after users started to warn others about the exchange when they found their account is frozen and exchange is asking for deposits to be able to withdraw coins from the platform.

A post surfaced on subreddit CryptoCurrency by the user CryptoCarTalk today. In the post he have elaborated how this scam is going on which start with private message on telegram from stranger asking for help.

Hello everyone, PSA Before somedays i got message from some unknown person and he told me that he is from china and the withdrawal is banned in China and he also added that it's fund stuck on emecrypt.com. He offered me 15% of his fund for withdrawal to me so i said yes. After that i made account on this site and in few minutes he transferred all money which is near about 1.5 btc to my account. But when i go for withdrawal it told me that the guidelines of website is changed and for more security and reduce bots you have to first deposit 0.03 btc. So after sometime i deposited 0.03 btc in that account but i still can't able to withdraw it. I also tried to contact the customer support but they didn't give any response. They all are scammers so beaware of this kind of scammer. I also put some screenshots of my wallets which ismade on emecrypt.com

 Screenshot of the message from EMEcrypto exchange posted by user on reddit.


Later he claimed that the above story is not actually his rather he have seen it on bitcointalk forum. But according to him he have also got contacted by few strangers with same request like in this user through telegram and have posted this story to warn others from using the platform.

We will follow this story and will try to post any update when there will be any.



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