CrowdFunding Modex - the World's First Appstore

Modex – the World’s First Appstore


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Modex’s smart contract marketplace intends to be the Smart Contract App Store for developers to develop, deploy, manage, monitor, upload and sell their work, and for buyers to purchase and deploy them.- The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace is like the “App Store” and GitHub for Blockchain in one platform.

The Modex Dev Platform is a suite of tools for developers to help them write, deploy, manage and monitor both smart contracts and private blockchains. It is like Heroku for the blockchain.

Modex is currently one of the few ITOs with a working product already available on the market.

1. Modex Multi-Protocol Smart Contract Marketplace (launched)

Explore the fully functional alpha:

Modex Marketplace is the world’s first integrated platform for buying, customising, compiling, deploying and interacting with smart contracts. On the Modex Marketplace you can discover the right smart contract suited to your needs, interact with a smart contract, and test it before buying. We have proudly designed the ModexMarketplace to function like the missing link between smart contracts environment and companies interested in blockchain adoption.

2. Modex Unified Developer Ecosystem for Blockchain (full set of tools for blockchain developers launched)
The Modex team has taken on the challenge to build a full Developer Platform and become the go-to place for developers wanting to shift to blockchain development. Check out the new Modex Developer Platform here:!

Developers can register, receive 1000 Bonus Modex Tokens and get the chance to monetise their blockchain development skills, by creating and publishing smart contracts.By launching the new dev platform, Modex is creating an end-to-end solution for developers, resulting in an increase in blockchain adoption and also in the quality and sophistication of blockchain development projects.  We strongly believe that this platform will become a real enabler for blockchain development and will contribute to significant innovations in this space by fuelling decentralised creativity.

3. MODEX Token Utility

Modex is a token driven marketplace and app platform ecosystem that intends to increase accessibility, trustworthiness and community of blockchain enabled smart contracts. It empowers rapid adoption for all parties involved, including buyers and developers of smart contracts to start, with opportunity for consumer engagement in the future.

Modex’s token is the ERC20 utility token, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The MODEX token is to be used for Modex’s Smart Contract Marketplace and App Platform ecosystem. All services and features within MODEX will be paid for and remunerated in MODEX tokens.

The Modex token intends to empower the following functions:

●  Pay platform fees

●  Pay platform service fees

●  Pay product fees

●  Make smart contract purchases

●  Gain access to a complete suite of API’s for decentralised transactions.

●  Oracle services and validation of smart contracts

4. Video Presentation 
5. Website & Social Media 
Telegram: tg://join?invite=GNE4JQxWumaWJxaSn3ksMw

6. Team and Partners

We are a team of experienced professionals spanning numerous industries. Our core expertise includes banking and financial software including employees who combined have over 40 years of experience from Oracle, Unisoft, Temenos, and Deloitte. Our team and advisors have built and exited various successful startups, held senior positions in top Fortune 100 companies, with a collective experience that spans a variety of industries including (but not limited to): telecom, tech, retail, wholesale, mobile & eCommerce, entertainment, marketing services, and of course the blockchain industry.

 Please visit and view the complete Modex team with links to all the LinkedIn CVs on the homepage.
7. Whitelisting is now open:  
ITO is scheduled to start on the 15th of September 2018 and will last for 9 days. 
For the ITO and for the Whitelist, KYC verification is required.
Blockchain Enthusiast who have involved in Different Altcoin Projects and actively doing Cryptotrading for over 5 Years. Currently focusing on building strong Altcoin community


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