A Dubai based Crypto investors gonna pay bank debts for next 3 years after lossing 85% on Crypto


Despite Many financial expert have suggested to not take any kind of loans to invest in cryptocurrency which has really volatile market and price can drop overnight, few seem to neglect such suggestion and want to jump into crypto-roller-coaster with whatever they have in hand or whatever they can take as a loan.

A reddit poster goes by name u/Crypthomie posted recently his bank loan repayment scheduled according to which he have to pay loans for next 3 and half years if his investment on crypto gonna remain as low as it is right now. According to him, he have already lost 85% of his investment and he is still holding whatever he have bought a year back when all cryptocurrencies are in their greeny days.

He claims to be from Abu Dubai and banks there seems to give loan of around $100,000 without any further verification to any citizen that comes up asking loan, the Reddit user posted that he have taken around $110,000 as loan and invested all in various cryptocurrencies including both top-10 coins and others according to him shitcoins who lost almost 95% of their values. He is now paying around $2000 per month to bank to just get rid of those loan he have taken a year back. He also suggest others to take lesson from his incident and should never take heavy loans being over optimistic about cryptos.


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