CrowdFunding Attrace - blockchain based affiliate marketing

Attrace – blockchain based affiliate marketing


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Blockchain technology is slowly being used in many field and not only limited to financial system. The transparency and decentralization of blockchain infrastructure makes in ideal also for online advertising and affiliate marketing. Online affiliate marketing is already over a 13 billion dollar market which growing exponentially and Attrace aim to be first blockchain based affiliate marketing platform and disrupt this billion dollar market.

Through affiliate marketing advertisers can directly reach customers and they only have to pay publisher only when they will get results/conversions from those customers so it is more popular among advertisers compared to normal CPM and CPC campaigns. There are already numerous platform for affiliate marketing but all of them are based on traditional centralized system. Unlike other CPA platform, Attrace will be based on blockchain technology making is more transparent, secured against frauds and cost will be really low which will be beneficial for both publishers and advertisers/merchants.

Some of the benefits of Attrace over other platforms can be listed as follows:

  1. Low fee taken by Attrace only around 0.5%
  2. Easily traceable through blockchain
  3. All clicks and sales on ads will be recorded and published for public
  4. Advanced messaging system connecting publishers and advertisers within platform
  5. Beta system ready which can process 2000 clicks per seconds with just $0.0005-$0.001 per transaction in fee

Attrace platform will have its own blockchain and ATTR will be token used within the whole system. Specification of ATTR ;

  • Name: Attrace
  • Token: ATTR Blockchain: Delegated Proof of Stake (after the ERC20 token swap)
  • Language: Golang (developed by Google)
  • Block size: Relative to transaction volume (1MB holds ~3000-5000 tx)
  • Block time: 15 seconds
  • Transactions per second: ~2,000 (transfer of ATTR or clicks/leads)
  • Total amount of ATTR: 1,000,000,000

ATTR will be native token of the Attrace platform which will be used as mode of payment for tracking fee and commisions. Merchant should pay 0.5% of the commision paid to publisher as fee in ATTR and 80% of all the fees collected by Attrace will be destroyed which will eventually decrease the total coin in circulation and with a growing demand for token because merchants have to buy ATTR to pay for fees, price of ATTR is supposed to increase over time.

If you liked the concept than you can also be a proud holder of ATTR token by investing in their ICO which is running right now. At first you will get ERC-20 token which will than be swapped to Attrace blockchain tokens (ATTR) later this year. 50% of the total ATTR token will be sold on ICO and 50% will be under platform's controlled and will be used in marketing, to support attrace ecosystem, bounties etc. Attrace is based in Netherland so you don't have to worry about getting scammed by this ICO.

To start investing you first need to register an account with Attrace by going through and fill our your ETH address where you like to get ATTR ERC-20 tokens and other required details.

Pre-ICO will start on First August and 20% of the token will be sold, after pre-ico remaining 30% of the coin will be sold during ICO.

Read more on their Whitepaper :

Visit webpage :

Medium page :

Telegram discussion :



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