HITBTC – Asking for social media accounts for verification (FUNDS HELD)


Hitbtc often hits the news for their inconvenience trading limits but this time it came into light when one reddit poster posted his issue with Hitbtc recently. He claims hitbtc is asking for his personal social media accounts details before he can have control over his coins in the platform. According to him, he have already sent his personal documents to hitbtc team including a bank statement and screenshot of his coinbase tx from which he have first bought the bitcoin to buy other coins. But Hitbtc is now asking for origin of every transaction that lead to the Banca token he have deposited their which seem quite impossible as well as social media accounts which is quite weird things a exchange might ask. He have refused to give these details in reply to Hitbtc email and currently waiting for reply from the exchange. Original email from Hitbtc to user is attached below;

"Thank you for provided information.
In accordance with the requirements of current anti-money laundering; proceeds of crime and counter terrorism financing legislation, we are required to establish and record evidence of the identity and source of funds for our clients.
Therefore we kindly ask you to provide us with the origin of the following transactions:
Amount Currency Hash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx For your convenience, the origin of funds report may be presented in a free form as a chain of events in chronological order, every step validated with blockchain explorer data, screenshots, and data used on other crypto infrastructure services, so that we would be able to contact them for verification, if needed.
In addition, kindly update us with the data regarding your social networks presence, i.e. the links to your profile in major social networks.
In order to speed up the ongoing identification process, we also kindly ask you to sign in to your HitBTC account with any network data disguising tools (VPN, proxy) deactivated.
Regards, HitBTC Team​"


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