Ruja Ignatova aka CryptoQueen had paid $50 million to Launder Funds from OneCoin


Lawyer Mark S. Scott has been accused of being allegedly paid $50 million by the co-founder of OneCoin and current fugitive Ruja Ignatova also known as “Cryptoqueen” to help him launder $400 million.

Law 360 reported on November 20 that Mr. Scott’s prosecution is being taken by the Manhattan US attorney’s office and the New York County district attorney’s office. OneCoin is believed to have made a scam of $4.4 billion and is among the crypto industry’s most infamous exit scams. But due to the allegations of the investigators’, the firm is still operational till this date. The investigators’ suggest that OneCoin raised $4.4 billion through a Ponzi scheme.

Mark Scott has been accused by the US prosecutors for managing a wide network of fake companies, offshore bank accounts and fraudulent investment schemes to launder more than $400 million in ill-funds. As per the prosecutor Julieta Lozano, Mr. Scott was paid with three multimillion dollar homes in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with some luxury cars including three Porsches and a Ferrari and a nice luxurious 57-foot Yacht.

From the side of Scott and his defense lawyer, they maintains that he had no knowledge that OneCoin was a scam, although Prosecutor Nicholas Folly said that the evidence against scott was strong and obvious


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