Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) is developing Cryptocurrency Exchange


Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) announced the development of blockchain based infrastructure for trading, settlement and custody of digital assets. According to SIX they have ambitious target of launching this platform by mid of 2019. The manager of Swiss stock exchange announced the development of the SIX digital exchange on July 6 which is designed to enable the tokenization of securities or non-financial assets (securitization in crypto-assets). This platform will be based on the Distributed Registries technology, which is also based on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and is expected to be deployed from mid-2019.

To complete the development of the platform within deadline SIX is adopting agile methods. Just four days before this announcment, Taurus Group have launched their crypto-active trading platform after getting approval from FINMA. SIX also wants to "subject the new ecosystem of digital assets to the same standards of surveillance and regulation".

As indicated by the foundation's security administrator, Thomas Zeeb, the test isn't such a great amount to set up an exchanging stage as to make trust around these crypto-resource trades: "The advanced universe is as of now confronting noteworthy difficulties, including the absence of controls that would give an official assurance of wellbeing, security, steadiness, straightforwardness and responsibility. These components add to the trust shortage. The challenges lie less in the exchanging of benefits than in their conservation and administration, including their security. "With this activity, SIX in this way expects to" cross over any barrier between customary monetary administrations and advanced networks, "remarked SIX. its CEO, Jos Dijsselhof.


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